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May. 29th, 2006


Hey Guys!

my new office!Collapse )

So I finally am getting a day off. Well two actually. Don't get me wrong I love my new job, but working outside in the sun all day can wear a person out, especially after 7 straight days of 9hr shifts. I'm exhausted, but happy to be getting paid tomorrow. My car needs gas and I have about 20 bucks in the bank.

I got a little more sun than I wanted to today and I need to take the day off tomorrow I think, so I'm scrapping my beach trip plans for a relaxing day of shopping. I need some skirts and shorts to work outside because my jeans aren't cutting it anymore. Also, I need to get some reading done, a lesson in my Russian book finished, and some much belated postcards out to friends. I'm getting into my routine so I'm looking forward to getting all caught up with everyone's ljs.

As for getting caught up with me, well not alot new here. I've been working at my little hut for the last 7 days straight like I said. Friday night I went out drinking with my new co-workers and I learned all the gossip about everyone. I was also re-warned about Chuck, the town heart throb. This boy is sweet, but almost too sweet and I don't buy all his southern charm. I can see how the girls in the town do though, and trust me they wander in and out of my hut all day looking for him. It makes me giggle and sparks 0% jealousy out of me. I've got my eye on Ben, the Parasailing guy from Atlantic Beach. He's a friend of Perry's and he told me that he'll "take care of me" if I get some people to come parasailing with him. He owns a jewlery store too on the side and he told me I can have all I want, if I make him some money this summer. He's gotta be in his upper 20s and he's as beach bum as you can get. Love it.

Well guys. Not much else going on here, thinking about seeing X Men III tomorrow night. I watched X II with Kelly last night and I have to say, that movie hasn't aged well. I was impressed by how cheesey it was and I loved it when it first came out. Ok, I'm going back to my glass of wine and my Life & Style magazine to read about how Britney almost dropped baby Sean again

Apr. 13th, 2006


Need a vacation and my friends

Impromtu trip to Pitt. Can leave tonight and be there early morning. Anyone have a place for me to sleep for the weekend?

Apr. 12th, 2006



I started watching Domino a couple days ago and still have yet to finish it. I think its because I can only take that movie in small doses. The first time, I started watching it late and couldn't keep up because I was tired, and last night I seriously was about to scream at it to STOP! I understand now what people were talking about with the editing. It's like a nonstop drug trip. Now that can be cool, and I was digging it at first, but there is one scene in particular that I just wanted it to look normal so I could see what was going on and I found the whole thing frustrating. I have about 20 minutes left to watch tonight and though I'm inlove with the soundtrack, the editing and Keira Knightly (who I'm a fan of) in particular I find grating. I don't think I'll be speaking too highly of it in the end.

But anyway...lets see, House was the shit last night. Not as great as last week, but still great. I loved the moment when House sees Cameron in her dress. I thought that was handled very well. And dude, Cuttey. I love her. I really think she's my favorite character on the show. The dynamic in the scene between her, House and Wilson, was great. I wish we could get more scenes with them together like that.

Oh and another thing. It was like Christmas going through my closet last night. I was determined to weed through my shoes and I really underestimated how many pairs I've bought since I've been here. Though I tossed out a bag full and separated out another one that I'm donating to my step-mom's yard sale, I still have too many to take to with me and I can't bear to get rid of anymore. Also in my closet, I found a box that had some of my favorite jewelery from a year ago. Stuff I was thinking about lately and wondering what ever happened to it. I was giddy when I found it. So, today I'm rocking a shell necklace in anticipation of a summer at the beach.

Apr. 11th, 2006


I knew it!

In case anyone else is as in love with the new Jaguar commercial as I am, the song from it is "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon. Just letting you all know because I've been dying to know since I saw the commercial a couple weeks ago.

And now I'm cutting a trailer to it. Awwwww yeaaaaa.

Equation for my happiness

Running + moving(leaving this shit job + getting out of my apartment + the ocean) + steamed broccoli + coffee = Melissa in a Great mood.

Giddy, simply giddy


Last night was my first great run since I hurt my leg. Though I kept stopping after every mile or so to check for pain, I did managed to piece together 3 miles. That made me very excited and tonight I'm looking forward to a nice and steady 2 miles. If all this goes well (and I have no pain tomorrow on my day off), I'm going to jump right back into my training schedule. I need to get back in shape because I'll be at the beach in a month, just in time for BIKINI SEASON! Not to mention it looks like I'm going to be biking EVERYWHERE since I sold my car. I'm actually looking forward to this even though it means 7 miles to and from the beach and over 2 over 50ft bridges each way. But hey, I'll keep in great shape, right?

As for work, I might take the month of May off completely. I found out I'm getting a pretty chunk of change back from my taxes (rock on H&R Block), and I didn't have to pay rent for this month since the guys paid first and last months when they moved in 2 yrs ago. So I'm pretty set money wise, depending on my medical expenses for my Peace Corps clearance and my flight to NC. I also want to get a TEFL certification and I can enroll in a 40 hour program online. Though, I have my good friend Kelly scouting me potentially cheaper programs in the area because classes with actual face time in schools would be much better.

All in all, things are wrapping up nicely for me here. I can't wait to get out of my apartment since we've all but given up on cleaning since we are leaving. It's so gross in our living room that I almost didn't want to sit there and watch 24 last night. I can't wait to get to my moms where things are clean and I'll have space to walk around (my growing stack of boxes is taking over what little walking space I had left in my room). Not to mention, I can't wait to see TAZZY!! YAY for my kitty.

Fat Ass TazCollapse )

Apr. 10th, 2006


Please tell me why

Gwyn Paltrow and Chris Martin named their son Moses. Now please?. It's alittle better than Apple I spose, and has the possibility for some cool nicknames (Mo or Mos), but why? Must have been a religous thing.

Anyway, nothing much going on here. Going for some bomb cupcakes soon. It's just too nice to sit in this office all day. Getting my taxes done tonight (I know, nothing like waiting til the last minute) and then I hope to go running. WAHOO!

I heart tomato avocado salad.

Apr. 9th, 2006


Time to start counting down.

I'm worried if I'm making the right choice. My Chinese students love me and little do they know, I won't be coming back. I won't get to volunteer at the Tribeca Film Festival. I won't get to enjoy Central Park in the summer time or walk home at 4am drunk and deliriously happy. But most of all I have to say good bye to someone I'm afraid I'll never see again. I keep telling myself that the timing just isn't right at the moment and it may never will be, but he has burrowed into my heart and festered much more than anyone I've ever known. I never even dated him but I want to more than anything in the world. With this in mind, I know if he feels an ounce of what I do, 2 and a half years won't matter but once again I feel like something was dangled there in front of me at the moment after it's too late. First it was another guy and now it's Peace Corps.

I spent the weekend packing and I know its created some tension in the apartment. No one likes to see boxes andI'm very happy to be the first one out. I couldnt bear to sit here and watch them pack and leave me behind. It's much better this way.

I'm going for a run.

Apr. 7th, 2006


Moving Update

Just spoke to Pappa D. and I'm out on the 22nd. I then will be in Bloom until I get all my shiot done for my medical clearance and then I'm TO THE BEACH! WAHOO!

Time for a History Lesson

Jacked from kayleenyc

Go to Wikipedia, enter in your birthdate (sans year), post three events, two births and one death.

February 4th:

1862 - Bacardi is founded as a small distillery in Santiago de Cuba in eastern Cuba.

1938 - Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is released and would become a majoy box-office hit, making more money than any other film of that year.

1998 - An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale in northeast Afghanistan kills more than 5,000.


1913 - Rosa Parks, American civil rights activist (d. 2005)

1977 - Gavin DeGraw, American musician


1983 - Karen Carpenter, American singer and musician (Carpenters) (anorexia) (b. 1950)

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